The What’s What of a Styling Package

Thanks for your interest in a styling package with me! Here’s the low down on how it all goes down:

What happens after I purchase a styling package?

Well! First I do a happy dance, then I send you an email with an invoice and a styling brief to find out exactly what you want from your photos, whether that be styled photos, stock photos or lifestyle photos.

How long do you take to shoot my product?

My turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from when the product is received. If I need to take longer than this I will let you know well in advance!

Can I have my product back?

Of course! Just include a return paid satchel and I’ll pop it back in the mail to you once the shoot is done. If you don’t want to provide return shipping, I’ll happily keep the product in my props cupboard for future styling.

Do you provide other props?

I have a lot of little things floating about and will provide some florals and other small things. If you want large scale items such as large amounts of florals or cakes then get in touch first so I can arrange quotes for you.

What size do my photos come in?

I provide an uncropped copy of each photo, sized at 1600px on the longest edge (this is suitable for most online platforms) If you need a certain sized photo (eg for print or a Facebook ad), please let me know before the shoot commences.

Will you share my product on your Instagram?

I always try to showcase my work! But if you have something special coming up… a launch or a giveaway or a sale, just drop me a DM and I’d be too happy to share in my stories or as a post!

I’m also happy to provide my followers with a small discount code from you to give them incentive to click through and check you out!

Any other questions? Just get in touch!

The Nitty Gritty T&Cs

By completing the styling brief and paying the invoice, you agree to the following terms:

* While Emily K Creative will do their best to adhere to the brief, creative licence must be afforded and final images will not be exactly the same as inspiration pics or photos displayed in our portfolio.

* Invoice must be paid in full prior to shoot commencing.

* Once a shoot has been booked and paid for, we cannot offer refunds. Shoots are time sensitive and often booked in advance with minimal opportunity to refill.

* Return postage is at the cost of the client. If you require your product(s) back, please provide a means of return. Products that aren’t requested back will be kept for a time in my props cupboard or, in the case of perishables such as foodstuff, skincare or children’s clothes, be used.

* While we do our utmost best to look after your product, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be returned in pristine or unopened condition. During a shoot, particularly modelled or outdoors, products are susceptible to marks and general wear and tear.

* Turn around times are approximately two weeks (for up to 10 images) from when the shoot has been booked. Additional time may be required for larger shoots or shoots with models.

* Final images are provided at a size of 1600px on the long side. Variances to dimensions need to be advised prior to shooting otherwise additional charges may apply.

* Final images may be used by the client for their business. This includes on social media, website and other marketing material. The images remain the copyright of Emily K Creative. They may not be altered, resold or given away without prior approval.

* From time to time, Emily K Creative may use the images in their own marketing campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing on social media, portfolio display and showing to potential clients as examples of work.