Lightroom Presets

Do you struggle with creating a cohesive Instagram feed? Want your photos to look professional but hate the time it takes to edit each one individually? Or maybe you just want a one click solution when it comes to creating beautiful images?

What would it feel like to…

  • Edit your images from your phone or desktop with just one click?
  • Have a cohesive, beautiful Instagram feed with images that flow together harmoniously?
  • Create professional looking images without years of training?
  • Have complete control over your editing process and adjustments?

Well, it’s all possible with Emily K Presets, let me show you how!

I created Emily K Presets when I realized that so many photographers, reps and small biz owners were struggling with creating a beautiful images to represent their brands. They weren’t at the stage of being able to afford my professional photography services, but couldn’t seem to achieve the look they wanted to represent their brand and products online. I’ve been editing photos for years and have streamlined my editing process down to a click or two , saving me serious time and effort while still producing high level imagery for my clients. And now I can share my favourite editing styles with you so you can create professional photos too.

My presets are your ticket to easy editing!

Let me show you some examples…

With one click…

I’ve designed these presets to need as little adjustment as possible. Sometimes colour correction may be needed on the original photo (think white balance… or in Lightroom the temp and tint sliders!) but all the below images were created with one click!

Never used Presets before? Here’s some FAQs for you!

Ready to bundle and save? Our preset collections combine the best of our lightroom presets so you can get them all without paying full price!

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