5 Inexpensive Props to use in your Content Creation

If flatlaying and styling to create content for social media is a regular part of your business, you’ll know the angst of constantly sourcing fresh props that suit your product, don’t bust the bank and keep your content fresh.

Here’s a few favourites of mine that are cheap – if not free – to source that will breathe new life into your photos:


Yep, it may seem obvious, but florals are a great way to keep your content linked but also change it up. Different types of flowers yield different results and they’re so versatile. You can achieve, bold, whimsical or earthy looks with flowers depending on their colour, shape and other paired props.

If buying yourself a bunch of flowers each week (I highly recommend this for self love BTW) is too costly, some other things you can do is:

  • Grow your own! There’s nothing more satisfying than nurturing your own props into existence, and if your plants are looked after, they’ll yield year after year and with great abundance.
  • Source some dried flowers! Dried flowers will last for ages if you handle them gently. You could try drying some of your own or some florists will put together a bouquet for you.
  • Fake flowers! If flowers are something you intend to use often, you could source some fabric flowers that look quite real when positioned strategically.


This is a great one to add a splash of your brand colour into your photos. Duck down to your local hardware store and pick up a few paint sample cards. They’re free so grab a few in complimentary colours. Layer them in your photos under your props.

Or use gorgeous cards you’ve been gifted. Instead of throwing out birthday cards and such, tear the front off and keep it for your flatlays.


Food is one of my favourites, especially lollies. They’re fun and vibrant and easy to throw into the weekly grocery shop. Grab some of your favourites and fill up a jar or sprinkle them around you product. A handful of marshmellows on top of your hot chocolate will give off a really cozy vibe.


If you run a business, likely you’ve got a bit of stationary around. use it in your photos to give off a business vibe. Even scattering a few colourful paperclips or pens into the mix will fill space and help focus attention.

Spray paint

Instead of hunting endlessly for the perfect prop, buy a can of spray paint and spray every day items to transform them into gorgeous props. Spoons, leaves, boxes… even cut out shapes.

And there you have it! There is of course many more props to try out #alltheprops but these are some really good basics that can be used again and again to create killer content!

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If you’d like someone else to create your content for you, look no further than little old me! You can find my styling packages here or you can get in touch for a custom quote!
Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating insta-worthy content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability

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