Create your own cinematic family video clips

Do you love watching those little clips of kids running any playing? The editing is nostalgic or earthy, and the video a little bit whimsical. Here’s how you can create your own beautiful video memories of your family using your phone and some editing apps.

Film the inconsequential moments

You only need a few minutes of footage. Just find a spot while your kids are playing and quietly film them. Change angles every 15-20 seconds or so if you can. You might try standing back, or taking some footage from overhead.

Find a good editing app

There’s a lot around. Some are free and some cost a few dollars. Here’s what I like to use on my Android system:

Adobe Clip
This is a free, very basic version of Adobe Premiere pro. It’s great for editing landscape videos but doesn’t take portrait mode well, which is disappointing considering so many people watch vertical videos on their phone. Features I use most often:
– Ability to fade between clips
– Intuitive shortening and splicing of clips
– A good bank of music and ability to upload your own
– Music syncs to clips
– Clips can be slowed down but not sped up

Youcut Video Editor
This is free with a paid option to unlock more features. The free version is great as it doesn’t tack an ugly watermark on your video when you’re ready to download. Youcut also works great with horizontal or vertical videos. Features I use most often:
– Cutting, trimming and splitting clips
– Speeding up or slowing down videos
– Adding creative filters
– Adding music from their bank of uploading your own
– using creative effects like VHS or glitches

Tricks to make your mini movie cinematic

It’s well and good to splice and dice a video, but here are a few tricks to make it extra movie like:
– Experiment with focus. Focus on something near to you before adjusting to your subject further away.
– Clip your video into at least three different sections based on angle of the shot and make each clip about 3-15 seconds long.
– Slow your video down by 0.5x to give it a dreamy feel and smooth out any jerky movements.
– Match music to emotion. For example a slow song will add a feeling of nostalgia

The below video was made using some of the tips above – enjoy experimenting!



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Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating insta-worthy content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability

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