Why Lightroom presets will have you bringing your editing A game.

Lightroom presets are like filters on steroids. In one click, they can completely transform your images to give them a more professional finish, create cohesion in your content and give you a unique, recognisable style.

The difference between presets and filters though, is that presets are completely adjustable. Just as no photo is the same, a preset applied to different images will yield different results. You can get more out of your preset by making adjustments to give you the perfect finish on your photos.

Here’s a few reasons presets are awesome:

They save you time. Once you have a look you love, don’t waste hours editing every photo from scratch. Apply a preset and bam, you’re done in thirty seconds.

Get a consistent ‘look’. Ever seen those beautifully curated Instagram feeds with perfectly edited photos? They may lean to a cali look with orange and teal tones, or have a white on white aesthetic or even lean towards that moody, whimsy desaturated look. No matter the colours, their pictures all look fabulous together. Yep, you guessed it, they’re using presets!

Learn how to edit. Funnily enough, by making tweaks and adjustments to your photo once a preset is applied, you begin to understand the various adjustment options in Lightroom.

Edit anywhere. Presets can be made for Lightroom desktop and the mobile app! And if you use Lightroom CC, your photos and presets will sync between your devices, meaning you can edit on the go

Look professional. Presets are usually created by photographers who’ve been using these programs for years. They’ve honed their editing preferences to the point of being able to create presets to apply across their work. You can use the same techniques in one click… a smidge of the effort!

Want to know where to get presets? Well I make them! You can purchase the WILD Collection from my store.

And if you’re unsure, you can sign up to my newsletter to try the desktop version for free!


If you’d like someone else to create your content for you, look no further than little old me! You can find my styling packages here or you can get in touch for a custom quote!

Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating insta-worthy content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability

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