Caba Cottage Location Shoot

It’s the beach house dreams are made of. Cosy yet impeccably styled, Caba Cottage gave me all the feels walking in the door. It had everything I swoon over as a photographer: minimalist yet trending decor, white walls (oh, the white walls!) and total house plant envy. And I was lucky enough to be taking along some beautiful brands to style and shoot their product.

Along with showing off some of the gorgeous decor, I thought I’d take you through a day in the life of a location shoot with Emily K Creative!

The Run Sheet

Because of the number of brands I was shooting and the number of photos required for each, I prepared ahead of time with a runsheet of desired shots per brand/product. This allows me to stay inside my timeframes and ensure I have every shot needed before we leave the location.

The runsheet helped to keep things simple while structuring the more complex details like arranging products around models (project management skills on point!)

The Products

I was so lucky to book out for this shoot within an hour of launching it and the range of brands involved was fantastic. From baby blankets to women’s fashion, each brand fit beautifully into the location to create a series of social and lifestyle content for each business.

In line with the run sheet, I staggered shot products by room, and with complementing brands. Collaboration between businesses is a passion of mine and I love to bring products together.

The Models

Gosh I get to work with some beautiful faces! During this photoshoot I got to work with four models – the first two being my own kids, Charlie and Evie, who are old hats at this game. They know how to pose and they know how to demand bribes in equal abundance.

The third made her debut onto the modelling at three months old and was such a star, she got a blanket from Heritage Blankets named after her. Beautiful little Marni (@sailorandmarni on Instagram) was such a pleasure to work with.

Lastly, my beautiful fashionista model and a staple in many of my lifestyle shoots, Taleeha (@taleehaharley on Instagram). Taleeha is so easy to work with. She knows how to pose and follow direction which is why she’s my go to girl for modelled shoots.

The Location

Caba Cottage itself is a three bedroom duplex with a private garden and entertainment deck. It’s been recently renovated so has a brand new kitchen and trending bathroom and laundry. The house is a beautiful white, complimented with an abundance of colourful cushions and lush houseplants.

We took our kids along for the stay and there was plenty of space for all of us and a secure yard for them to play in. The beach was a two minute drive away and believe me when I say Cabarita is one of the most devine beaches on the Northern Rivers.

But what Caba Cottage really excels at is it’s attention to detail. Each room has it’s own style, but are connected through small touches such as mute-tone wall art, splashes of green house plants and on-trend tiling and fixtures. I highly recommend it for everything from a work trip to a family vaycay.

Want to be a part of our next location shoot? We’re now taking bookings. Find the details here.

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If you’d like someone else to create your content for you, look no further than little old me! You can find my styling packages here or you can get in touch for a custom quote!
Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating insta-worthy content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability

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