Take Your Own Family Photos

With Mother’s day around the corner, inserting yourself into the picture with your family is something you might be thinking about. We’ve all seen the advice to husbands of ‘take her picture’ but here are some tips if you want hubby in the picture too, or just want to take your own pro-style shots with your kids that don’t look like selfies.

  1. Find a nice open location. Lots of light will help to capture any quick moving limbs (always fore of mind when photographing kids). The beach is one of my favourite spots as it’s easy to set up a shot without background clutter.
  2. Set up your camera with the timer. My DSLR has an interval timer which means I can set it up to take shot after shot until I turn it off. Some phones have a similar feature or you can set it to video and do a screen grab from that. A tripod is handy, but any raised surface will do. I’ve sat my camera on top of bags, in the forks of trees and on rocks. A bluetooth remote can also be used to trigger the shutter.
  3. Send someone out into the frame to take a test shot. This will ensure you aren’t cutting off heads and that you’ve lit your subjects correctly.
  4. Once your interval timer is going off, don’t be afraid to try some different poses. This is a great opportunity to capture your family doing candid, natural things.
  5. Make it a habit! I try and get in photos with the kids whenever I can now. The memories are important.

6. Keep the silly ones. As you can see in the photo above, while hubby, Evie and I tried a nice pose, Charlie was making WTF faces at the camera. I love it because it captured his personality perfectly. Sometimes the funny or less than perfect ones make the best memories.

7. Get in on the action! The below photos are two of many I took on a day at the beach. We were dirty from playing in the sand but we were having the best time. The beauty of interval timers is you can keep going with your activities and the camera will capture it frame by frame.

8. Mix it up and have your kids take some of the shots for you. I often give Charlie my camera and with the different perspective created by his height and imagination he gets some great photos like the one below:

And there it is, a few tips to get yourself in front of the camera this Mother’s Day and to capture some memories with your kids.

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Emily is the lead photographer and creative eye at Emily K Creative. She enjoys creating insta-worthy content and is passionate about her family, women’s rights and sustainability

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