Brighter Whites With Snapseed

White is a difficult colour to master in photos. You can have the best intentions with your set up, but your photos may still come out dull, or with a yellow cast, especially when shot on your phone. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to quickly brighten your whites with the Snapseed app.

Firstly, to limit your need to do heavy editing, you should consider these points when. Setting up for your shoot:

1. Natural light

This is the one you hear everyone mention, and for good reason. Natural light will ensure the colours in your photo are as close to real life as possible. Artificial light will create a yellowish cast which is fixable, but annoying.

2. Backdrop

Make sure your backdrop is flat and white. Snapseed does have a handy healing tool, but the less shadows and wrinkles the better.

3. Brighten in camera

When you go to take a photo, you will be presented with a little brightness slider. Slide it up a smidge to brighten the image. Be careful not to over expose.

Okay – onto the tutorial. If you haven’t Downloaded it yet, this is what Snapseed looks like:


Open the photo you’re going to edit. I’ll be using this one in the tutorial:

First off, make any preliminary edits with the tune image feature:

Next we’ll use the selective tool. Set points around the image and slide to brighten slowly. Be careful not to over expose.

Handy hint: if you pinch the screen you’ll be able to see and adjust the masking.

Also note that the selective tool will grab similar colours to the base point, so if you’re editing a white subject on a white background, your subject will be brightened too.

If you’re satisfied with how bright your image is now you can export and use it. If you’d like the whites a little whiter, select the brush tool.

Ensure exposure is selected and brush around the edge of the picture with your finger. Once again you can use the eye button to check your masking.

And there you have it! A white and bright image.


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