Tis the season! [Christmas Styling]

What a year! It honestly feels like we’ve skidded broadside into Christmas and this year feels so so festive.

I thought I’d start the month of December off (and my first blog post!) with some Christmas styling tips and examples.

Now, I’m not sure if you’ve been into Kmart lately, but this year, Christmas is anything but the traditional colours. There’s so many schemes to choose from… from gold, to pink, to black. After ten years of red and gold, this year I went out and bought new decos in the pinks and glitter range with pops of darker colours.

This time of year is all about hard sells and Christmas campaigns for businesses. It’s the busiest time of year and making a product stand out takes effort.

Of course, December 1st is too late for most to get their product styled in a Christmas theme ready for a campaign, but Brand Reps and lovers of small businesses can lend a hand by styling, posting and tagging products with a bit of festive cheer. Here are some that I’ve styled this Christmas and some quick and easy styles to try:

The Bokeh Effect:

Nothing says Christmas quite like some Christmas Light bokeh. This one is so easy to do too. Simply hold or place your item a distance from your lights (the further away, the more blurry the bokeh), set your aperture high – Mine was f/2.2 for these photos – and take your shot!

You may notice in these photo that I’m holding each item. That’s because they’re all relatively small and having my hand in the frame adds a bit of a size comparison.

Under The Tree:

For kids, Christmas is very much about the presents under the tree! Show potential customers the magic they have in store by shooting from above to capture the branches, lights and baubles. I added some wrapping paper to mine to give the ‘about to wrap’ effect.

The Christmas Outfit:

Ah, the all important Christmas outfit. What will the kids wear to Santa photos? What will Grandma approve of for Christmas lunch? You can do anything from traditional Christmas cheer to something casual-made-Christmas with a Santa hat.

I Quite enjoy seeing Christmas outfits laid out as flatlays as well as styled on kids so I can better imagine what they might look like on my babies.

And there you have it! A bit of Christmas cheer to start off the month of December. If you’re doing any Christmas styling, please drop your Instagram handle in the comments so I can check you out!

You can find more of my Christmas styling in my Instagram feed.

If you’d like a product styled by me, you can find out more here.


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